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Alex Frijters D.O./M.R.O.

I am Alex Frijters D.O./M.R.O.(Diplomated Osteopath / Member of the Register of Osteopaths) and in 2006 I completed the Academy of Physical Education (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) and then started as a freelance personal trainer. As a personal trainer I helped people rehabilitate from all kinds of (sports) injuries, but noticed that training alone did not always work and therefore started to look further. This led me to start the 6-year osteopath training (College Sutherland Amsterdam) in 2007, which I successfully completed in 2013.

Because of my background in sports, I specialize in treating athletes. Besides treating the complaint, I can give advice on training load, nutrition and recuperation so that the (professional) athlete is (optimally) fit again as soon as possible.

As a father of 3, I was quickly drawn to pediatric osteopathy. Therefore, in 2014 I started training in Osteopathy for Children (International Academy of Osteopathy in Ghent) and completed it in 2016.

Due to allergies and intolerances in my children that had major physical consequences, I specialized even further. In 2021, I obtained my diploma in Orthomolecular therapy from Civas Opleidingen and in 2022 from Stichting Ortho Health Foundation. With this I help my patients remove obstacles through nutritional and supplement advice to further appeal to the self-healing ability. 

I especially value the broad view of osteopathy i.c.w. orthomolecular therapy. Thus, each patient as a unique case is examined from head to toe and the cause of the complaint is sought instead of just treating the complaint itself.


Alex Frijters is registered with the Dutch Register for Osteopathy (NRO). As an Orthomolecular therapist, he is registered with Collective Alternative Therapists (CAT).

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